The best Shapewears for Spring Break

Get ready for Spring Break


One of the most anticipated weeks of the year for everybody to stop the routine is finally here and at Fajitex we will give you the best tips to experience some awesome days. Spring Break is the time to relax, stop and enjoy a special week to spend some time with your friends, family and loved ones. There’s no better excuse to go on vacation than this time in which you breathe an air of joy, party and fun.

best shapewear bodysuits to use at spring break


Spring Break comes along with beach days, trips, gorgeous sights and social events. Therefore, we know how important it is to have the best outfit for each of those plans in that way, enjoy while feeling comfortable and confident with your body.


For that reason, at Fajitex we want to help you to make this time iconic and because of that we have the best options to experience a Spring Break full of fun without sacrificing style and the happiness of feeling confident by the way you look but above all by feeling confident with yourself. 


The best outfits for Spring Break:

  • Enjoy the sun while looking stunning: Ready for Cali? Now you can work on your tan and enjoy the beach with comfort and peacefulness thanks to our swimsuits specially designed to control your tummy, shaping and highlighting your body. At Fajitex you will find the perfect swimsuit without sacrificing style or trends out there.

    Our one-piece swimsuit with ironwork on neckline with exclusive design, is ideal to enjoy Spring Break while looking vibrant and amazing. Its adjustable straps will give you better comfort and shape your body as a guitar silhouette because it shapes your curves thanks to the High Compression Technology.


    compression bodysuits are useful at springbreak season

  • Make nice memories while watching beautiful landscapes and burn some calories: Hiking is a perfect combination: fun+health. With this plan you could live unforgettable moments while burning some calories with style, comfort and confidence.

    Our Thermal vests chalecos térmicos Fajitex will allow you to obtain results up to three times faster because, with this system you could accelerate the burning process thanks to its two layers that increase the sweating and therefore obtain faster results doesn’t matter the physical activity you’re performing.

  • Go out while looking amazing: It’s time to party and wear that dress, that sexy dress you have been hiding in your closet for a long time. Thanks to our High Compression shapewear with Instant Shaping Technology, FiveSculptor, you could reduce up to two waist sizes right away and highlight your curves naturally.

    Our strapless firm control shapewear is perfect to wear with any dress because it has removable and adjustable straps, it will adapt perfectly to any outfit, besides, its High Compression will allow you to shape your body completely naturally. 

    colombian shapewear is product to use on springbreak

  • Wear your jeans with no fear: There is no excuse for not wearing those tight jeans you love. With Fajitex now is possible to wear jeans, shorts or pants and feel confident and comfortable while wearing them. Thanks to our latest butt-lifting technology that lifts the butt naturally with a look according to your body, wearing tight jeans won’t be an issue anymore. Your butt will look perfect and your body molded.

    This sculpting and butt lift shaper short is perfect to wear with any type of jean because it highlights your glutes naturally thanks to the imperceptible seamless construction, besides, it has High Tummy Control that will make you feel greater seclusion and comfort in that special event. 


    Are you ready to be unstoppable? Enjoy this Spring Break and show your best version to live an unforgettable time, because there is no better feeling than being more than ok with your body and the way you look.

    April 22, 2022 — Fajitex USA.

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