The best shapewear technology with Butt-Lift effect

Fajitex has been on the market for 14 years, shocking the aesthetic and textile industry with state-of-the-art shapewear and different options that adapt perfectly to all bodies and needs. We have heard our clients’ feedback and with it, we have fabricated shapewear that allows them to look stunning on a daily basis but at the same time feeling comfy and confident.


A lot has been said about the Butt lifting girdles and how most of them don’t look natural when worn, making the body out of proportion, because of that, at Fajitex we decided to change that perception and fabricate Butt-Lifting girdles that adapt perfectly to all bodies creating a nice and harmonious image.


This Butt-Lifting Technology will make feel comfy and confident when wearing any type of outfit because besides lifting your butt, it will provide a perfect tummy control to shape your body according to your needs, this is possible thanks to the Fivesculptor technology, the only one with instant shaping allowing you to reduce up to two sizes on waist immediately due to its five revolutionary elements:


  1. Lycra Shaping: It allows an immediate maximum compression for an optimum shaping with smart fabrics of better elasticity and comfort to perform daily activities.


  1. Slim Care: The skin care is very important, for that reason we have designed our garments with Tactel fabrics providing extra softness, these fabrics have quick dry properties and threads with perfect recovery for comfortably shaping your body.


  1. Ideal Shape: It contracts and harmonizes the waist allowing immediate body measures reduction while wearing because of its anatomical abdominal mesh, with this shapewear you will feel beautiful, comfy and you will notice immediate results.


  1. Perfect Butt-Lift: Show some gorgeous butt cheeks thanks to our aligned reinforcement technology to the glutes that allows to lift them strongly but with a natural effect.


  1. Perfect Color: Do not limit yourself and in fact, dare to express yourself with all our girdles. Show your unique style on every occasion because besides the black and the nude color, we offer you a wide palette of colors for you to impose your style the way you want, not the way you have to. 


Our Butt-Lifts shapewear at Fajitex:


In our Butt-lift shapewear catalog you will find many options to choose from the one that best fit your body and needs: 


  1. Shorts levanta cola de cintura alta (Butt-lift high-waisted shaper): Find shorts or Capri that allow you to control your stomach at the same time that you highlight your glutes naturally to wear with any outfit on a daily basis. This shaper is perfect to feel comfy and above all 100% confident and with everything under control. You can find shapers in any color that will adapt perfectly to your style.


  1.  Shorts Butt-Lift de cintura baja (Butt-lift low waisted shaper): This shaper is excellent to feel discrete when wearing it, allowing you to hide it with your clothes butt-lifting your glutes naturally.


  1. Shorts Butt-Lift de alta compresión(Butt-lift High Compression shaper): Find many options according to your needs, from Short-type shapers, extra shorts, half- leg or low-cut allowing you to adapt to any situation or moment you require. This High Compression will allow you a bigger tummy control and comfort while your glutes look natural.


  1. Shorts Butt-Lift de mediana compresión(Butt-lift medium Compression shaper): With the Medium Compression shapers you can control those areas you are most interested in without a lot of compression, but with amazing smart shaping effects and better elasticity while lifting your glutes because of the aligned reinforcement to the glute anatomy. 


Check our catalog and find all the options we’ve got for you to highlight your glutes in a beautiful, natural but most importantly comfortable way.

March 15, 2022 — Fajitex USA.

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