Myths and facts on Shapewear:


Maybe you’ve heard sentences such as “Buy a shapewear for you to lose weight” “shapewear is pretty bad” “wearing shapewear is pretty uncomfortable” and so on and on, without really knowing if it is true or false. This actually happens because there are many myths around this garment based on some lack of knowledge from people about the pros and features of them.

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Because of that, hearing that type of myths on shapewear is normal and many of them -myths- are part of the imagination of people in general without knowing how certain those ideas actually are. This has created some expectations and ideas around this garment. Which has transformed into the perfect complement for many people to feel more comfortable, confident and happy.  


So, at Fajitex we bring the most common myths or phrases you could hear and we will tell you how real or not they are to have no questions about them and know better the world of shapewear.


Are the following sentences about shapewear real?

  • Do not wear shapewear, they’re pretty uncomfortable: That will depend on the type and quality of the shapewear you wear. Shapewear technology has changed so much and, at Fajitex we  understand the needs of our clients, we listened to them and developed a completely different technology to make each person feel comfortable and relaxed, ending the barriers of stiffness and heaviness that shapewear used to have. 

    Our technology allows Fajitex shapewear to be light, soft for a regular basis. With them you won’t feel suffocated thanks to our smart tactel fabrics which provide extra softness, besides having perfect recovery threads to shape your silhouette.

  • Buy a shapewear to lose weight: it’s a fact! No shapewear can make you lose fat, but it will be a really good friend of yours to make this process faster. A Fajitex shapewear will help you reduce measures instantly while shaping your body and making you look stunning. 
  • Can’t wear a shapewear with tight clothing because the shapewear is visible: Shapewear technology has evolved so much that it is not visible to everyone else. With almost seamless construction that does not mark on your legs, you can wear any type of clothing and feel ok because nobody will notice them. These shapers are ideal for tight clothes and show a gorgeous body with no fear, now everybody will say “you look nice” 

    Fajitex is a pioneer of this technology of instant molding called Fivesculptor, which besides helping you reduce body measurements instantly, it sticks to your body in a way a regular person can’t recognize. 

  • You can’t breathe with shapewear on: It’s important when choosing a shapewear, to get the right size. Is not ok to think that if I buy a shapewear in a different or smaller size, I will look thinner or slimmer, this in fact will affect the correct functioning of the shapewear and it will influence the way you feel and your breathing.

    It’s also important for you to know that there are high and medium compression shapewear, it will allow you to choose the level of compression you feel more comfortable with and also according to your needs, besides, at Fajitex we have a wide catalog in which you can choose the style you like, from a Short type of shapewear to a Half Leg one.

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  • Working out with a shapewear is much better: It’s important to know that each shapewear has a different function so, if you want to work out, what you need is a special shapewear for this activity. In that way, you can do many things with comfort and get better results.

    At Fajitex we have a specialized sports line you will feel comfortable with and you will get results three times faster because of its two-layered fabric, where the inner one accelerates the thermal process of the body increasing the sweating with any type of physical activity.

  • Shapewear is for women only: This is a myth. Shapewear doesn't have a gender, any person in any condition can wear a shapewear if he/she wants. Men have the right to feel comfortable with their bodies too, that’s why there is shapewear exclusively designed for them to shape their bodies and lift their glutes. At Fajitex, we have a specialized line for men that adapts to their needs and expectations making them feel comfortable and confident.
  • Wearing butt-lifting shapers doesn’t look natural: With the butt-lifting instant shaping technology, you not only obtain immediate results but at the same time you will look completely natural in your body. The key element here is you need to choose the Fajitex shapers that fit your body size, in that way, it fits perfectly to your body.

    After all this information you can have a wider picture about the characteristics and advantages of shapewear, in that way you can choose the one that adapts better to your needs and expectations. Remember, at Fajitex we provide a wide catalog of options for you to choose the perfect one.

    April 22, 2022 — Fajitex USA.

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