Frequently asked questions about the use of shapewear and how true they are:

  • Is wearing shapewear too uncomfortable and restrictive?
If you use poor-quality shapewear it can become uncomfortable or even affect your health. That is why it is very important that the girdle you purchase is of excellent quality and is manufactured with the correct materials and specifications. At Fajitex we understood the needs of our customers, listened to them, and developed a completely different technology to make each person feel comfortable and secure while wearing shapewear. Our innovation in manufacturing processes and technology allows Fajitex control garments to be completely light, soft, and lightweight for daily and prolonged use. With it, you will not feel tied up and you will be able to carry on your day-to-day life normally. 
  • Why use Fajitex shapewear? 
Shapewear and control garments are an excellent complement to any woman's closet. They become that little extra trick to shape the body and show off a spectacular figure. It complements all your styles and highlights your curves making your outfits look more flattering.
  • Does shapewear make you lose weight? 
Actually, shapewear will not make you lose fat, but it will give you a very important boost and it will help you reduce measurements instantly, shaping your body and making you look like a figure with defined curves. 
  • Can't you breathe with the shapewear on? 
This is a false myth. When choosing your shapewear it is very important that you choose the right size and that you get the right advice. It is common to think that just because you choose a smaller size then the shapewear will make you look thinner and this is not true. On the contrary, you will affect the correct functioning of it and you will not feel comfortable. 
There are high, medium, and low compression shapewear which will allow you to choose the level that you feel best and that works according to your needs and expectations. At Fajitex we have a wide catalog of shapewear and control garments that allows you to choose the option that best suits your style and body shape. 
  • Does shapewear show under clothing? 
Shapewear technology has evolved in such a way that they are now imperceptible to others. Fajitex is a pioneer of this instantly shaping technology called FiveSculptor, which in addition to making you reduce measures instantly, adheres perfectly to your body going unnoticed by anyone. These shapers are ideal to wear with tight clothes and show off a spectacular figure without fear of being noticed. 
  • Is shapewear only for women? 
Men also have the right to feel comfortable with their bodies, so there are shapers designed especially for them. In Fajitex we have a collection specialized in men that adapts perfectly to their needs and expectations, making them feel comfortable and confident.
  • Does wearing a butt lift look unnatural? 
With our instant shaping and butt lift technology, you not only get an immediate result, but you also achieve a completely natural and proportional look to your body. The important thing is that you select the Fajitex shapewear that really corresponds to your size so that it fits your body correctly and achieves the desired effect. 
  • Can I exercise with the shapewear on?
Each shapewear has a different function, so if you want to exercise it is ideal to use special shapewear for this activity. In Fajitex we have a specialized sports line with which you will feel comfortable and achieve results 3 times faster thanks to its fabric composed of two layers, where the internal one accelerates the thermal process of the body to increase sweating with any type of physical routine you do.

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