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Full slimming bodysuit shapewear. Ref. 023700

Full slimming bodysuit shapewear. Ref. 023700

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Seamless one-piece shapewear with a built-in bra and sleeves for the perfect arm shaping. Transform your entire silhouette with this full bodysuit shapewear designed with high compression fabric that helps you stylize your figure and reduce sizes. The bra is made out of cotton for greater comfort and extra softness.

Made in Colombia with love. 

  • Double center-hook lines to adjust it to your comfort.
  • Sleeves for extra coverage and arms shaping.
  • Core, legs, and back shaping effect.
  • Butt lift for a natural appearance.
  • Perineal area with zipper.
  • Seamless construction.
  • Tummy tuck control.
  • Better posture.
  • Built-in bra. 

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