Five things you can do on Compliment Day


Every year on january 24th Compliment Day is celebrated, basically people give compliments to someone else in an honest and genuine way, showing the best qualities of that person both physically and personally, in order to make that person happy and improve his/her day.


This is the perfect opportunity to admire someone and generate a “snowball” effect which produces a powerful impact that allows spreading love and recognition. With this gesture not only we say to that person that is appreciated and valued but also, we help to increase his/her trust. Is the perfect celebration where without logistics or effort we make a difference and completely change a person’s mood or self esteem.


Is not a secret, we love being appreciated and this generates a huge motivation, several studies have shown that work performance and social interaction increase in a big way when we give a compliment to a coworker. So, what better excuse for this day that leave the shame aside or any other obstacles, take a minute and strengthen your relation with your loved ones, friends or even strangers.


                                        How to celebrate Compliment Day?

  1. Send a handwritten note to that person you want to give the compliment to, take a piece of paper and pencil and write it with your own hands. We are in a digital era and nowadays most of the messages we send, are sent through cell phone apps leaving handwritten notes behind. Make this, the perfect opportunity to go back to the past and generate a different and more special impact with that thing you want to say to that person.
  2. Spread some good energy in social networks. Normally social networks can be a little bit overwhelming and rough, so much hate can be found, people looking to step on others and highlight flaws everywhere, let’s not forget behind every computer screen there’s a human being that also feels, therefore, this day is perfect to take advantage and spread some love and good vibe to everybody. Write a message or a compliment to your social networks’ friends, that you would like to tell them something special, take this opportunity to create recognition and admiration bonds.
  3. Make a compliment to a stranger in a respectful way, you will realize immediately how you can cheer someone’s life with an action or a simple word, you can praise his/her outfit, a physical feature of the person, his/her style, his/her energy among others.
  4. Recognize the hard work of one coworker of yours. Praise his/her performance and how important it is for the team not only from the professional aspect but from the personal one as well. Admire something of his/her personality and abilities and make him/her feel valuable and special.
  5. Last but not least and probably the most important, don’t forget about you. Many times we forget about ourselves thinking about others, but this is the perfect day to treat and to tell to ourselves the things we love about us and that make us in fact unique. Say good things to yourself, recognize your victories, value your flaws and admire your qualities. Self esteem grows day by day and, what a better day than january 24th to begin. 

For instance on this very special day, at Fajitex we would like to begin with a message for you:


You’re beautiful the way you are, we admire your courage and strength to overcome every obstacle and achieve every single thing you have in your head. Keep believing in you no matter what everyone else says, we praise your strength and that endless energy you have to move a project forward. We believe in you, believe in yourself.


What do you have to tell that special person?

18 enero 2022 — Fajitex USA.

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