Get your swimsuit ready for this summer


Summer is on its way and with it, the breeze, the sun and the sea. Prepare the sun lotion, the shades and the swimsuit because the perfect time of the year to shine and look amazing is here while you enjoy some nice days in some spectacular and packed with fun places. The U.S. is one of the countries with the most tourist attractions out there and, although is mostly recognized by its skyscrapers and big cities like New York, the U.S. is also a country with mind-blowing natural places and incredible landscapes. Among those natural tourist attractions we find beautiful beaches which provide the visitors unique experiences. 


In this country you will find from family-oriented beaches to a few ones a little bit further to enjoy of a peaceful place and a cozy environment. Everything depends on what you’re looking for, but without a doubt you’ll find the perfect spot to live some relaxing days according to your needs and what you like.


To live this experience with bells on, is important to be in all these places with the perfect outfit. At Fajitex, we’ve got the best swimsuits which completely adapt your body, they’re versatile and fit every single objective you have for your trip.


      5 must-see destinations:


1. St Pete Beach, Florida: This is an excellent option to check a wonderful sundown surrounded by an spectacular beach with white sands and crystal waters. Here you will fell in paradise while you enjoy the sun and a cozy environment. For this type of place, we suggest the one-piece swimsuit with ironwork on the neckline which will mold your body and highlight your curves thanks to the High Compression System for tummy control.

2.  Ka'anapali Beach, Hawaii: In this luxurious beach you will feel in paradise to rest and have some unbelievable days off. Its crystal and warm waters are perfect for snorkeling, swimming or kitesurfing, besides, it has countless hotels and exclusive stores around to spend some time and in fact some money too. For this type of beach a Control Swimsuit Pin Up will make you feel elegant and sexy while you show a complete molded body thanks to the High Compression in the tummy area.

3. Playa La Jolla, San Diego: In this beach you will enjoy an awesome weather all year long. Is a gorgeous beach with white sand and huge cliffs which provide a view and a unique experience, perfect for some rest and get away of the noise from the city, if you want to feel comfy and confident while being there, you can wear an outfit with a maya control Swimsuit which will mold your body thanks to High Compression Powernet Inner Lining which will highlight your waist, control your armpits and your medium and lower tummy as well, is perfect if you want to avoid any worries and live some days with absolute peacefulness.

4. Playa de Coronado, San Diego: This beach has a particular feature that makes it unique, it has some minerals which make beautiful silvered-sandbanks reflect and that generates a one-of-a kind landscape. Besides, you can find the famous  “The Kissing Sailor” statue which attracts thousands of tourists and locals because it tells the story of a Navy sailor coming back from WWII. So, if you visit this place, don’t miss the chance of taking a picture there with your two-piece swimsuit, it will make you look glamorous and sexy because of the cleavage and the tummy control which will mold your figure adapting to your body.

5.Playa Santa Mónica, Los Ángeles: If you’re looking for is fun while being surrounded by a beautiful place and an spectacular environment, this is the option for you. Here you are able to find a 12 mile Bay to walk, go to parks, have some picnic, ride bicycles, go surfing, play some volleyball or spend some time with your family. Besides, its waters are crystal and its white sand will allow you to check the white crabs coming out the sand. With the Full-Sleeve Control swimsuit ¾ you will feel totally comfortable  for long strolls, playing on the beach or even riding a bike, is perfect for fun while having a gorgeous body. 

18 enero 2022 — Fajitex USA.

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