The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is without a question a day that brings up different tones, we have those who hate it because they have had a terrible experience, because they think love is celebrated everyday or simply because they think is a day exclusively for spending money but we also have those who love this type of special dates that are in fact the perfect excuse to celebrate love and share with those important people for each one of us. 


The points of view or ideas about this day can be countless but we cannot deny that it is one of the most important days and with a huge amount of “love is in the air” kind of feeling in the U.S. Festivities Department. This date is so special because from its origin what is celebrated is the courage of loving and the recognition of love above all. The priest Saint Valentine, truly believed in pure love and for him it was not fair that weddings were forbidden, so, he secretly decided to marry all the young couples who were in love, this provoked his death.  


So this date is more than a vindication to that way of expressing love and above all how to declare it. What is in fact certain is that each person declares love in different ways. Some for instance dream about getting married for others that’s not a priority. Others prefer to keep a relationship exposed to everyone else while others are more reserved and like those, we have countless examples.


With Valentine’s Day many types of personalities come afloat, we have people that all month long or even before that date are thinking what to do with his/her couple and also what to give him/her. We have the “at the eleventh hour” kind of person, the day arrives and he has no idea about what to do. We have the ones that love making a lot of noise that day and the quiet ones as well. The ones that celebrate with his/her couple, the ones that celebrate with his/her couple and some friends, the ones that celebrate with the family  or the ones that don’t do absolutely nothing and stay home watching series and eating ice cream.


What matters here is that everything depends on the language or the kind of love of each person. It sounds weird of course but, love is also a language, we communicate in different ways, we have different expressions or ways of thinking about anything and love in fact is not an exception. Like the old saying goes “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” 


Some would prefer to spend some quality time, others would like to receive a nice gift, others would like to receive hugs, others would prefer the recognition and admiration from his/her couple and all those ways of showing love are ok, everybody has his/her particular way of expressing love in special dates such as Valentine’s Day.


Types of love languages

  1. Affirmation words: This type of love is expressed throughout words, admiration, respect, support and understanding. Therefore, for them words such as: I admire you, I love you, you’re pretty good at this among others, all these expressions will increase the self esteem, confidence and well being of a person.
  1. Quality time: For some people being with them is not enough, spend some time, a nice time with them is important. For them, being in the most luxurious place of the city or in a corner having a hot dog has exactly the same value, what matters is being together, having some time and space. But not a type of time where you focus on your stuff or cellphone as a matter of fact, but a type of time where you´re truly 100% together, this will make the relationship stronger. 
  1. Gifts: A lot of times this type of language is seen by some people as an interesting or materialistic person, but what is certain is that those people that feel loved through gifts more than expensive gifts they’re presents, details, details that say: I thought about you, I remembered you. The cost, size or how luxurious it is doesn’t matter, the relevant element here is to know you’re there for that person.
  1. Deeds: Some people feel love from the other person when they are helpful, do favors or show some generosity. For instance: Cooking, Picking them up, helping with some chores among others, in this way, they feel grateful when they see a level of concern from that person and that he/she wants to be some kind of support in the relationship.
  1. Physical contact: Some people are more physical than others, they love being hugged, kissed, holding hands or having a direct love expression for this reason, those that prefer this type of love will appreciate this simple but powerful communication in their love thoughts. In this way, they feel not more happiness but more confidence.
14 febrero 2022 — Fajitex USA.

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