The perfect garment for Summer 2021

Summer 2021 is getting closer and closer and we are pretty sure you can enjoy it in a very different way compared to last year. Actually this year with a little bit of luck traveling, being in the pool or on the beach enjoying the sun and working on our tan would be possible. 

For those reasons, it’s mandatory to have in your baggage a perfect swimsuit to show your body the way you like it the most and because of that, we want to show you our swimsuit designs, they will make you feel as you’ve always wanted. 

All our swimsuit collections are designed with waist control. It means, your waist will be more defined and your tummy will be unnoticed. Every color, every print has been thought  based on free, spontaneous, funny and glamorous women, who love traveling, enjoy a nice stroll on the sea or just sitting down under the morning sun.  

Our swimsuits give your body a tummy control allowing each body to look amazing, making you feel fresh, glamorous and stunning with the technology in our unique and special fabrics.

From our main garments we find printed swimsuits, we have those in different colors and shapes for you to choose the one fitting your needs. 

These one-piece suits have on one hand, an inner lining made in high compression powernet that will adapt your body to make it look incredible while it molds your shape to make it look thin, and help you keep your posture creating some compression by giving pressure to your low back, armpit control and removable cups. 

Each one of these garments come with a digital printing that will offer you timeless vibrant colors, one sample of the quality of our 100% colombian fabrics. As well as depending on the model you choose from, you could enjoy different accessories. You can enjoy different accessories such as deep cleavage, a belt inside the design that accentuates your shape. 

Even though the fabrics and innovation in these swimsuits are pretty similar to the printed ones, there’s something common in our designs, there’s no swimsuit similar to the other. 

Between these garments, design and diversity in the way you wear the garment. Our one- color suits are not only for those great moments on the beach or pool, but because of the incredible designs you can wear them somewhere else during your vacation 

Some of our designs include ¾ sleeves, a zip on the stomach as a flirting strategy  or maybe, deep cleavage. They will make your breast noticeable. 

A garment we’re pretty sure you will enjoy in different spaces during this year’s Summer vacation.

As part of the designs we have in our catalogue are the two-piece swimsuits (bikini style) if you are one of those people out there who still don’t feel confident about your body, chill out! these swimsuits will become your exception. 

Our two-piece swimsuits have a long pull up thong type of panty which allows not only to keep your tummy hidden but also it works with a second lining in Powernet fabric which will help you mold your tummy and waist to look the way you want. 

You can find them in different styles ready to be worn in your favorite vacation moments. 

All our swimsuits are in our web store where you can choose the style it fits the best to your body, obtain the perfect size (we have all sizes from petit to plus) and get it at your doorstep.

Find the way to make your next trip unforgettable, wear garments not only to make your body shine but also for the benefit of your self esteem by wearing the right clothes. It’s important to look good but is even more important to feel comfy with your body. This vacation is to enjoy yourself and your body, make yourself feel alive and enjoy the best moments alongside your favorite people.

May 21, 2021 — Fajitex USA.

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