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June is a month full of celebrations, we’re not only thrilled because we’re finally enjoying the heat and the Summer rains or the multiple birthdays showing up in this time, but also because at the end of this month we celebrate The Pride.

To honor those people who are part of the LGBTIQ Community and who throughout time have established their rights in the society, on June 28th it’s celebrated with a parade full of colors, music, dancing and tons of excitement.

Right now it’s also the time that as a brand, we unite to the support of different communities because like the American actress Laverne Cox says “it’s not a problem if a person wants to express his/her gender identity in a different way, he/she doesn’t deserve to be a victim of violence and, if somebody feels uncomfortable with it, he/she’d better check on his/her inside” 

For that, today we join this fight by giving you different ways of how you can help, any good deed adds up towards equality. 

First, is not being heartless and ignoring any violent situation, although those situations against the LGBTIQ Community are way too common, what you need to do first is support without being unconcerned with reality.

Second, you can support this cause from a financial point of view. There are several organizations around the U.S. You can choose the closest from the place you live in and donate or you can look at a specific segment you would like to help. There are institutions that support Trans people to obtain their medical procedures because they can be pretty expensive or even others that simply are in charge of giving a new opportunity to those people who have been ignored by their families or jobs due to their sexual orientation.

Find the one that meets your needs and who you are and, with this financial aid, help those people who probably have lost a lot.  

Last but not least, if you feel in conditions to help more the LGBTIQ Community, you’re always welcome to The Pride. You must check the day it will be in your city to participate. It’s a parade full of music and joy ignited by the search for love and equality.

If you’re on The Pride, it’s necessary to tell you that the clothing is a very important part in these events and, although there are people wearing leather clothing or accessories (harnesses or garments of that type) there are also people who prefer feeling comfortable wearing a shirt or a jean. Or even, the ones we like the most are the hot shapewears that make your body shine and look stunning while walking through the streets of your city. 

That’s why at Fajitex we want to suggest you three garments to feel extra comfy while walking for the rights of this community.

  1. Swimsuits w/sleeves

We’re in Summer and the heat might be too much for that day, that’s why we recommend wearing a useful garment which provides you comfort. You can rock this summer and pride month by wearing a cool swimsuit as a bodysuit combined with a short or some pants underneath. It will make you feel sexy and fresh. 

  1. Waist belt Girdle

As mentioned above, shapewear has become a must when we talk about garments for these events, for those reasons wearing a shapewear is a “go big or go home” but is in fact a great way to express your opinion and support to the community.

  1. Short

We have a garment that is so useful and comfy that we’re pretty sure this could be the opportunity to enjoy it, we’re talking about our butt-lifting shorts. These garments are available in different colors such as: blue, purple, pink, turquoise, coral and much more. One piece of clothing won't be out of place with the parade but in fact, it will be the right piece of garment to enjoy every single color of the community.  

It’s a pretty important moment to support the LGBTIQ Community and we will always be in favor of Human Rights, love, equality from a position where everybody feels more comfortable with themselves and the garments they’re wearing.

June 18, 2021 — Fajitex USA.

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