Is it important to wear post-op shapewear after pregnancy?

Maybe this is the year where you are trying to make your family grow. Having a new member at home and starting to take care of a new little baby. New changes and a lot of new life coming to your home so, no matter the reason, we are pretty sure this article will help you solving some doubts about our post- op shapewear. 

Even if you are not pregnant, we assume you will still want to save this article, share it with your girlfriends, sisters, sisters in law, anyway you want to share it, so, let’s begin. 

First things first, your body is changing, it’s not just a “bun in the oven”, but everything is changing inside your body (your uterus, skin, organs moving and making space) for that little thing to grow and be brougth to life. 

When the baby arrives, let’s face it your body does not come back to normal as quickly as you want or expect, and you will need help to achieve that. And that’s where our Fajitex Shapewear comes in handy. All our girdles are designed with middle and high compression, but in this case you will require our post- op with middle compression slightly tights your belly thus returning your body to its normal shape. Remember to talk to your doctor before getting the right shapewear for you, in that way you will know which one best fit your body.

Don’t forget, wearing this shapewear allows you to maintain a correct posture in your daily life. When a woman has given birth to a baby, it is common that she feels she is putting some extra effort in the abdomen, this will cause some pain that would reflect in back issues for her later on. A way of avoiding this abdomen pain is to wear a shapewear, that will help you maintain a good posture for every activity you are doing.

Wearing our Post- Op shapewear will help you recover your body, yes, the one you had before the pregnancy. Of Course, it’s not just about wearing a girdle, but with exercise and a good nutrition plan, you will fall in love with the process...Be patient!

All these reasons are more than important when it comes to taking care of your body as you will be taking care of your baby. As a matter of fact let’s emphasize some clear elements about the shapewear that you want to wear as a post-op girdle.

The first thing is that not just any shapewear is appropriate for an after-pregnancy shapewear, but you should have a conversation with your doctor about the right girdle according to the medical procedure you will have.

Keep in mind your post-op shapewear should always be in beige color, this way the doctor can be easily aware of your wounds and notice if you are bleeding from the wound.

Finally, remember that our Fajitex shapewear must always be worn in the correct size, you can’t never wear a smaller size, and it is not ideal to wear larger sizes either. Wearing a smaller size will provide additional pressure, and won't help you healing your wounds in case you still have some from your surgery. And, a larger size is not convenient because you will not get the right pressure to shape your body.

This 2021, think about yourself, your family and your new family member. Fajitex Shapewear is carefully designed to help you taking care of your body. Go ahead and enjoy your pregnancy, your recovery process, your new baby and let us do what we are good for…Taking care of your health.

February 18, 2021 — Fajitex USA.

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