The Valentine your body was waiting for!

What do you like the most of february? Can it be that snow is finally going away and Spring is around the corner?  Or maybe is the 28-Day opportunity/challenge to accomplish our goals?  Or would it be the magic to turn everything red and purple, and all the stores being full of hearts, just like all of us getting a spell to act romantically? 

If you’re like us, a full-time romantic kind of person, we want to tell you something, we know you’re gonna love. 

This year at Fajitex we literally wear the flag of love and to reward those people that enjoy love like we do, being with someone and Valentine’s kisses, if you haven’t done it, check our website, go to the link Valentine’s Day Sale and go nuts with the amazing prices that we have just for you not only this year but also for special days like this one. 

These are some of the girdles you will find on sale in our Valentine’s section. Pieces of clothing  specially designed for these dates where your body becomes a good energy temple and you want to take care of it the best possible way with the very best pieces of clothing not only for you but for that important person as well.

Among our Sale Section you will find:

  • Medium-Compression strapless Girdle

    What we like the most of this girdle is its color. It’s not available on beige or black like most of our girdles, but you can find it on white. A color designed to match your bridal gown on your wedding night, the most special night ever and the one you will always remember on special days. 

    This girdle comes with the Strapless option, because it has removable straps for the body to feel comfortable. It is also closed using a zipper on the side of the girdle, which allows the girdle to close much easier and has a double pressure fabric enhancement for better results on your abdomen. With this girdle you will enjoy a shaping effect on your abdomen and hips that will make you look just the way you like it on those special nights with your partner.  

    This girdle comes in sizes  from XS to 4XL, a chance to fit any type of body and with the discount we have for you, you end up saving 27 bucks with 25 cents. 

    The dreamed outfit with this girdle can be a long white dress that will make your figure stand out in just the right places, high sandals that will make your legs look incredibly tall and play with accessories in wood tones or strong and vibrant colors that will surprise your partner on this perfect night.

  • Medium compression girdle in strapless and lace on buttocks

    If Sexy is the word you’re planning to look for this Valentine’s Day, we’re pretty sure this is the right piece of clothing, like our previous girdle, this one has the option of removable straps that can transform your garment from a shoulder girdle to an open back one girdle.

    What makes it special is its leg design. A little bit longer, This can take up to half a leg, thus achieving a lifting effect on your buttocks that will make you look like the buttock you've always wanted, and the best part? with a 100% natural look.  

    This design on the legs will knock your socks off, because actually is not thought of onthought on your girdle material but on the contrary is designed in this lace dress that will highlight the area of your legs and will make you look sexy and spectacular for any event you may have.

    This girdle is available only in black from sizes XS to L.

    For this piece of clothing you can wear a tight jean to highlight your figure, a pair of pointed heels to stylize your legs and a tight-fitting shirt that shows that your curves are in the right place.   

  • Medium compression girdle, strapless, side zipper, waistband

    It’s very likely by the time you check this girdle on our website, you think is very similar to the first type of girdle we mentioned, and even though this one is also designed in a strapless way, the difference here is on the leg, it’s conceivedconceved in a much shorter way to be worn in skirts or short dresses, sacrificing the butt-lifting but keeping tummy control and shaping still leaves your body just the way you dream it.

    This girdle is also available in white from sizes XS to L to match light-colored pieces of clothing 

    The style of this girdle allows to play with the pieces of clothing, any type of clothing fits like a glove here, high-rise shorts, a long or short skirt, that dress you've been dreaming of wearing for several weeks... combine them as you like and enjoy the result in the eyes of the person with whom you will celebrate love this month.

    Remember our sales are located in a new link on the top left corner of our website, and that each discount corresponds to 25% off your purchase but you can receive an additional 5% off on selected items.

    A way to enjoy this February 14th surrounded by tons of love and the feeling of loving your perfect body because you look stunning!!


    February 12, 2021 — Fajitex USA.

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