How to treat a back pain 

2020 was a really crazy year. Some people stop working at the office, some others just stopped working completely, and some other careers worked three times more than they should have worked. If we can add it all in a word, we would describe 2020 as a stressful year. With some stress you will probably feel a little headache, maybe stomachache or the most common one: a back pain. 

At Fajitex we want you to feel happy with your body and prevent some of those common pains you definitely should not be experiencing. So here are some tips of what shapewear can help you with this 2020 feeling, or this back pain. 

First of all, we want to talk about the misconception many people have about wearing something to correct posture. Most people think it’s about having some type of board in the back, or something that will not even let you move. And that’s not the case. We have designed different garments with this amazing and comfortable fabric that will make double pressure in your body while hydrating your skin. And you will not feel any type of pain or bad pressure. 

And now, here are some shapewear that would help you with the back pain you’ve been dealing with: 

  • For men 
  • We do not have only women shapewear, if you are surfing our website, you might find yourself in our man’s wear. This shapewear work extremely well for back pains, they are called sash types and they go underneath your clothes, so no one can see them while you are wearing them. 

    Our man collection can be found in just a sash type or a fully shapewear sash type that includes a boxer with buttock lifting. The perfect garment for belly, shoulders and legs while taking care of your back pain.


  • Cincher shapewear

    This type of shapewear is the perfect partner on a daily basis. You can wear it at the gym, or while doing grocery shopping, basically anywhere. It’s comfortable and it makes an awesome work shaping your waist. 

    And of course, it’s perfect for your back pain. It makes pressure on your spinal cord and will help you keeping a straight back throughout the day.



  • Sleeve shapewear
  • On our website we have a lot of girdles with sleeves. For instance, having control of your arms may help you with your posture, feeling pressure in your shoulders that will make you sit better and it will reduce the back pain.

    It doesn’t matter your choice, what matters here actually, is to find the right size for your body, neither so tight nor a bigger size. It’s time for you to take care of your body, your pain and you above all. Find what makes your body special and enjoy it. 



    Get all our shapewear on our website and buy the perfect one for you. 

    February 05, 2021 — Fajitex USA.

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