How to choose the right swimsuit for summer?

Summer means pool, beach, comfortable clothing and above all R and R. This time of the year is perfect to feel confident of your shape while you work on your tan, that’s why you need to plan how to achieve it by wearing comfortable clothing with unique designs. One of those and probably the most important one this season is your swimsuit, which has changed from simple patterns to become a reflection of your personality.

At Fajitex we want to help you select the right tummy control swimsuit just for you. Our swimsuits are designed with an inner lining in High Compression Powernet. But What's Powernet? Is a fabric that adapts to your body, molding it without sacrificing comfort and allowing you to feel fresh, glamorous and stunning.

How to choose them?

When selecting your tummy control swimsuit, always check these four benefits, which will help you to know for sure if is the swimsuit you’ve been looking for: 

  • Confidence: When we talk about swimsuits, one of the most important aspects is that the swimsuit makes you feel confident of yourself, because there’s nothing more uncomfortable than trying to hide one part of your body when you’re on the beach, for that reason, look for one that highlights those important spots for you such as your tummy or your waist.
  • Comfort:Comfort must always be the summer priority, the old saying “la moda incomoda” is actually ancient history nowadays, now it is pretty important to feel comfortable of course without leaving behind unique designs. In order to achieve that, we suggest you wear the perfect size, this will make the experience much better because on one hand, if you choose a smaller size, it could affect the way you feel and at the same time, the quality of the element you’re wearing. On the other hand if you wear a bigger size, you cannot obtain everything you’re looking for with the tummy control features. 
  • Unique designs: Design is as important as confidence and comfort, actually each one of the benefits mentioned above go hand in hand with this one, at Fajitex we’ve got different swimsuit alternatives with tummy control, most of them have digital print which allows a better pattern and color definition.
  • Different options: The last element you need to know before choosing your summer outfit is the variety of options, in our swimsuit catalogue we’ve got full-body, sleeved and Tankini, let us tell you a little bit of each one:
    • Full-Body Swimsuit: These are perfect for molding your silhouette, they provide more confidence and comfort. Some designs can have a deep back cleavage

    • Sleeved Swimsuit: It allows you having armpit control, as well as mid and lumbar abdomen, a really good option for your body and to protect you from the sun.

    • Tankini: These are two-piece swimsuits which besides having tummy control, they will provide more freedom to wear dynamic and bold designs


    These four benefits are in fact a “must” when choosing your tummy control swimsuit. Make Summer your favorite season of the year and forget those days where you were afraid of going to the beach. Our swimsuit collection is designed for a free, spontaneous, fun and glamorous woman like you. You will feel comfy and confident with them all the time.

    July 12, 2021 — Fajitex USA.

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