3 tips for shaping your glutes and legs 

Girdles have become ladies’ best friend. We offer a shapewear focus on molding and shaping your body according to your needs and goals, you can find whole body and back fat-control pieces of clothing or the ones for molding your abs or to help you with your posture but, did you know we have so much to offer at Fajitex? 

Today, we want to tell you a little bit more about one of our top products in the history of Fajitex, we’re talking about the Butt lifting shorts. These iconic pieces of clothing have positioned themselves in the market because of the natural look they provide due to the pushup technology in that part of the female body, providing all the women out there, the lifting they were expecting without looking phony or irregular, they’re designed in a “two-way” fabric that emphasizes in tighing your body and helping you molding based on your desires. If you still don’t know them, we’re pretty sure they will become a must in your closet. 

The first thing you must know about our shorts is, they’re available in three different ways:

  1. High or Medium Compression

By this we mean, we offer butt lifting shorts that the more you wear them you will feel the pressure in your glutes and legs, don’t forget the high compression one because it is tighter, it could represent better results but is not a good option to wear it for more than 8 hours.

With the Medium Compression one, they’re necessary on a daily basis and they will become a partner for your outfit, to highlight your buttocks the way you like.

  1. Shorts or Long 

The length of your short is related to the type of clothing you wear. On one hand if is a short the one you’re wearing, we’ve got short and extra short shorts they will look amazing underneath your clothes, on  the other hand if, we’re talking about jeans, pants or long skirts, we offer calf length shorts or even Capri Style, a little bit under your knee, they will highlight your legs and lifting your buttocks the way you like.

  1. Long or short waist 

Our shorts are available on high or normal waisted this means, with the high waisted one, you will obtain pressure but not compression on your abs because of this, you will keep the back fat there and not helping you a lot to mold it. 

If you want to know some of our references, here you will find some of our favorite ones:    click here  

  1. Capri

These are designed on high waisted till your knee which makes it an ideal piece of clothing to wear underneath your pants, dresses or long skirts. They’re manufactured on Powernet - Our ideal fabric to offer the right amount of pressure on your body but at the same time, molding it.

These Capri Shorts bring straps to help you keep the fabric straight all the time to avoid any inconvenience making the fabric shrink.

  1. Extra Short shorts

These will make you feel comfy because you wont feel them on your legs but on the contrary they’re focused on making pressure and lift your buttocks only, one more benefit is how easy it is to wear them under any piece of clothing: shorts, skirts, pants or whatever you like the most. 

These shorts are available on high or short waistband, this will provide you with abs control. 

Dare to try on a new piece of clothing that will make your body look amazing highlighting precisely all the work on your body, fall in love more and more everyday of yourself and show your hot bod with everything we’ve got at Fajitex.

15 marzo 2021 — Fajitex USA.

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