We celebrate your strength:Happy Women’s Day

Being a woman, anywhere in the world, has become a symbol of strength, resilience, family and peace. A woman is that person at home focused on keeping the family together, throughout time, she has achieved her place next to the man and not behind him.  

Because of that, at Fajitex we create every single day pieces of clothing for you to enjoy being a woman, your femininity and those moments doing what you like the most. Every piece we manufacture is actually designed with the best colombian fabrics out there and  state of the art technology not only to help you taking care of your body like you know but also to work from our side every single day to help you achieving your goals and, every time you look in the mirror, you’re full of love and excitement telling yourself, you look great girl!! 

That 's why today we want to explore some of our favorite pieces, those ones that will make you feel incredible like that powerful and feminine woman we know you are. So, pay attention and don’t forget to tell us which are those pieces of clothing that became a “must wear” for you to feel strong and confident every single day. 

  • Colas Up (buttocks up)
  • Let us tell you a secret: this product is our brand’s top product, over the years we have positioned ourselves along the way with this product in two styles: extra short or biker both of them go underneath your clothes and it brings some buttocks’ technology that will lift this part of your body in a more natural way without exposing our special shorts.

  • Swimsuits
  • Our entire swimsuit collection is inspired in giving you happy moments in your summer vacations whether you find yourself  by the sea, in the pool or at any time you consider right for you.

    All of our swimsuits come with tummy control that will make you show that gorgeous body of yours this vacation. You can find them in different colors, designs, sizes and obviously taking into account the trends of the season. Right now you will see our swimsuits are designed with the 2021 trend: dazzling and vibrant colors. 

  • THE perfect bra
  • Part of feeling good is having the right lingerie, among those we have THE perfect bra. At Fajitex we created some that will reflect your inner confidence on the outside. You can choose from our sports bra that will give that extra amount of energy to run that mile to post-op bras,we are pretty sure it will help you control the annoying back fat but at the same time to wear it  at home as well.  


    Find them on our website in your favorite color. 

    These days where you need more strength and the excitement of being a woman, at Fajitex we want to be with you along the way, not only at that moment where being a woman is having “an ace up your sleeve”  but also in those where confidence comes from yourself, how you feel and what do you do to achieve it.

    Being a woman is your only superpower, transform it and make it part of your own, convince yourself of your inner strength, so next time you’re in front of the mirror you tell yourself: You look great girl!!

    08 marzo 2021 — Fajitex USA.

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