Why commemorate Women's Equality Day and National Girlfriend Day?


Many of us have heard for years the word “equality”. Those flags that represent certain groups, communities such as black people, LGBTIQ+ and obviously women, have achieved significant changes in both history and rights. Today this fight is stronger than ever.

It seems crazy that in the 21st century we don’t have gender equality but, truth to be told, we still have some issues to talk about and at the same time to improve, from more women’s involvement in politics to income equality.

With time, the equality fight has been portrayed as an exclusive flag of those groups mentioned before when in fact this fight is related to all of us. That’s why starting today, from Fajitex we want to commemorate two important celebrations The Women's Equality Day (August 26th) and thel National Girlfriends Day (August 1st), as a reminder that each one of us still have an important and active role as women. Let’s make a short tour with these events:

What’s Women’s Equality Day?

Each 26th of August we commemorate the creation in 1920 of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which prohibits the nation from denying the right to vote to citizens of the United States on the basis of gender, in effect recognising the right of women to a vote. In spite of the creation of this Amendment many decades ago, we’ve been celebrating this for the last fifty years due to the fight of the Civil Rights Movement that started in 1848 and that in 1971 after many victories and with the help of the Congresswoman Bella Abzug, she presented to the Congress the proposal that one day helps us remember the importance of women in history and the different struggles we had to deal with to be where we are.  

Let’s sum up a little bit what’s the meaning of this: before the 19th Amendment, women were considered second class citizens, which meant they couldn’t influence important topics such as the election of those responsible to represent the people. Today it looks like a tiny and distant achievement but as a matter of fact is one of the most significant events in the equality fight even knowing we still have so much to achieve.

Nowadays the existence of this day not only helps us remember the importance of this historic day but it invites us to keep on fighting for equality in each of those scenarios where women have a little acting role or in fact, none. Our role is to keep working  for our rights beyond what’s known, to praise our role in the world not to demonstrate we deserve to be treated differently but to obtain the recognition we know we should have. 

And, what about National Girlfriends Day?

We also celebrate in August the National Girlfriends Day and although it is not an official date in the U.S. it was created with the objective of praising girlfriends and the friendship among them. Not too much is known about the background of this day but rumor has it, it was created due to a website called sisterwoman.com that in fact doesn’t exist anymore.

However, the legacy of this event is still relevant for all today and, to see it as a day to give a present, a special present to that friend (still accepted) it should be a moment of reflection about the role they have in love relationships and in friendship as well, ignoring any old concept that goes against Right Equality and responsibilities.

At Fajitex we commemorate and work everyday for women. We want people to believe in them and see the beauty, the inner beauty of them because in that way there won’t be a place for insecurities and they can reach all their goals while they keep fighting for a full equality.


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