Why do you never accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions?


Thinking about the resolutions for the new year can be kind of overwhelming and even it can generate a little bit of anxiety on us, each year is the same old story, we say goodbye and we start thinking that the next year, the new year we would accomplish everything we’ve got in our minds, we promise so many things, we motivate each other thinking “this is it, this is the year” but unfortunately, december arrives and the summary of the year is everything but positive. 


In fact, it becomes repetitive and most of those resolutions we think, we plan to achieve are there year after year on paper but not becoming a reality. Some of the typical resolutions are for instance: Working out, eating healthy, spending more time with the family or relatives, reading a book monthly, saving money, among others.


Maybe it was not possible for you to accomplish those resolutions because of your day by day responsibilities or maybe because more exciting projects were knocking on your door or perhaps, you’ve been thinking your resolutions the wrong way. You may have multiple reasons, truth to be told, the result is always the same: disappointment for not having accomplished them, for not having accomplished yourself.


What to do to accomplish your resolutions this year?

  1. Think of real resolutions:There’s an old saying that goes “grasp all, lose all” Human beings tend to think big and ignore in a way small details, when we talk about results we think in fact, about the result but we don’t take into account that everything is part of a process, “slowly but surely” people say.  

Do things little by little in that way you know those resolutions at the end are more realistic, take a look, your plan is working out more often right? You can start by going twice or three times a week, once you feel that the motivation is changing into a discipline, you can increase the intensity of the physical activity, this would allow you to eradicate the frustration easily and the motivation will continue. An ambitious and long term resolution ends up in something you can’t control.

  1. Write an action plan: Writing your resolutions on a piece of paper and at the same time, thinking that by doing that you are going to accomplish them is not enough. In order for a dream to become a reality it is necessary to visualize it but it is even more important to write an action plan that allows you to achieve it. This plan goes  hand in hand with an objective that is your resolution indeed. Then, create an strategy and some actions that will help you reach that goal. Then, write a route map and organize a budget to achieve it in this way, you will have a clearer path to know how to start to achieve your goal.
  1. Focus your energy: Having many resolutions at the same time is more difficult than if you emphasized your energy in just one specific enough to know what you have to do. This tiny change will reduce your stress and anxiety. Besides, most of the things we call “resolutions” are actually habits that require time, energy, self control and willingness. 
  1. Start today: Don’t wait till monday, the beginning of the month, change of season or any other silly excuse you can face. Each day, you will experience obstacles to start or maybe you think “this is not the best day to do so” but in fact, the truth of the matter is that today is the day. Be constant, your motivation and enthusiasm will become discipline, habit and routine that way, it will become part of your daily life and no matter what happens, you will have more reasons and elements to keep fighting  for that dream. If you fail, keep going, it is never too late to continue.
  1. Be productive: Don’t stop doing that thing you love because you feel lazy or because you don’t know how to start, you can start with things that make you feel happy, empowered and with trust. One excellent option can be looking for new hobbies or income strategies. For instance, the family of Fajitex can help you achieving those goals by being a distributor. A perfect opportunity to help many women and change their lives. To give them some confidence, happiness and at the same time it will allow you to diversify your incomes to reach your goal. Being a member of the Fajitex family is quite easy.

Have in mind these tips and we are certain the process to achieve everything you want will be easier and, you can have more elements to reach the end of the year and say out loud “I made it, I reached my goals”

December 22, 2021 — Fajitex USA.

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