The wonders of girdles: benefits and uses you should know about. 

From providing a sense of security to creating a smooth, slim silhouette, girdles have a number of benefits and uses that are worth knowing about. Girdles are a must-have in the closet of any woman who wants to look flawless. They provide a snug, secure fit that helps shape the body and reduce the appearance of any unsightly bulges. Girdles also help improve posture, which helps you appear taller and more confident. In addition to their aesthetic benefits, girdles can also help support the back and abdomen, which can be especially helpful if you suffer from back pain or other health problems. With so many advantages, it's no wonder girdles have become such a popular choice for so many women. 

What is a girdle? 

A girdle is a garment typically worn to slim the midsection of the body, flatten the lower abdomen and create a soft, supportive base for outerwear. Girdles, corsets and shapewear (which are different from girdles) are other types of lingerie that provide support to the lower half of the body. Girdles are usually made of a combination of strong, stretchy fabrics, with a reinforced panel in the back that provides additional support. Unlike shapewear, girdles are not worn under clothing. Instead, they are intended to be worn above the waist, although some are versatile enough to be worn above or below the waist. Girdles usually come in two types: open (with a built-in bra) or closed. Closed-bust girdles usually have removable cups, while open-bust girdles come in a variety of designs and accommodate different cup sizes. Girdles provide a lot of support, but are not as tight-fitting as shapewear. In fact, girdles usually offer light to moderate support.  

Advantages of using girdles 

Girdles may have gotten a bad rap in the past, but they are actually very useful in modern times. Wearing a girdle can provide many benefits, such as a sense of security, a smoother silhouette and better posture. Many women feel more confident when they wear a girdle because they know they will look good in anything they wear. A smooth silhouette is the main reason many women wear a girdle. No one likes to see a bulge peeking through their clothes, and with a girdle you won't see it. A girdle can also help improve posture, which makes you look more confident and can reduce the risk of back pain. This is especially helpful if you have poor posture due to a medical condition. 

Different types of girdles 

Open bust girdles - This type of girdle usually comes with a built-in bra. While it can provide support for the lower abdomen and back, it does not offer much compression or shaping. Closed bust girdles - This type of girdle is a classic and can be worn above or below the waist. They provide more support than open bust girdles and may come with a built-in bra, removable cups and/or a tummy control panel. This type of girdle extends to the thighs and provides a lot of compression and support. It is meant to be worn below the waist, but some long girdle models can be worn above if you prefer. Tummy control girdles - This type of girdle usually has a light compression and control panel and is intended to be worn below the waist. Total control girdles - This type of girdle is another type of tummy control girdle that extends down to the ankles and provides moderate compression and control. 

How to choose the right girdle 

When you go shopping for a girdle, take some measurements to ensure the best fit. This will help you avoid any discomfort or bunching. Keep in mind that girdles tend to be smaller than other lingerie items, so it's in your best interest to choose a size larger than you usually wear. Girdles are usually sized according to waist size, so make sure you buy one that fits you. You can also opt for a shapewear garment instead of a girdle if you prefer less compression. Shaping garments are usually less restrictive than girdles and are intended to  

be worn under clothing. You will want to choose a shapewear garment that is large enough to fit a girdle bra. 

How to wear a girdle 

You can wear a girdle in several ways. If you want to wear it under your clothes, choose a long girdle. You can also choose a shorter girdle and wear it above the waist using a cummerbund or belt. If you are going to wear a girdle above the waist, make sure it has an open bust so you can wear a bra. Open-bust girdles come with built-in cups, while closed-bust girdles usually have removable cups. If you choose a girdle with a built-in bra, be sure to tighten the straps as much as possible to ensure proper support. You may also want to wear a girdle one or two sizes larger than your own to ensure a proper fit. 

Care and maintenance of girdles 

Since girdles are made of durable materials, they don't require a lot of care. Be sure to hand wash them in cold water and do not tumble dry. Let them air dry before storing them. Since girdles are intended to be worn above the waist, they may need to be ironed from time to time. Also make sure they fit properly, as improper sizing can lead to discomfort and even back pain. 

Girdles and back pain relief 

If you suffer from back pain, a girdle can help relieve it. Many girdles come with a back support panel that can help improve posture and relieve back pain if you suffer from it. If you don't wear a girdle that provides back support, you may want to consider wearing one. Wearing a girdle can also help improve your posture, which can make you look more confident and help relieve back pain. If you suffer from back pain, it is important to wear a girdle that provides moderate to strong support for your lower abdomen and back. A girdle with light support will probably not provide you with enough support to relieve your pain. 

If you have poor posture and want to improve it, a girdle can be a useful garment. If you regularly stand or sit in a slouched or slumped position, your muscles weaken and shorten, and your bones drift out of proper alignment. This can lead to a hunched back, forward and downward head, rounded shoulders and a shortened spine. Wearing a girdle can greatly help your posture because it tucks your clothes in, lengthens your silhouette and pulls your organs up and in. This will help keep you upright and confident. Wearing a girdle is not a long-term solution. It is a quick fix. You need to stretch and strengthen your muscles to make changes that last. 

How to style outfits with girdles 

If you wear a girdle and like the support it provides but want to achieve a less structured look, consider using one to tie it in the back or front. You can tie a sash in a variety of ways, such as a bow, tie or sling. You can also use a sash to tie several garments together. If you wear a sash but prefer a looser fit, try wearing it with a flowing skirt or dress. If you are wearing a sash and find the print of the fabric too bold, try wearing a plain colored shirt or blouse over it. 

The future of girdles 

Although girdles have typically been associated with older women, many modern women are rediscovering the benefits of this classic garment. 

July 21, 2023 — Paola Maldonado

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