How to look flawless in your Halloween costume?

We're in that time of the year where candies and parties are in the spotlight...Halloween, Not only for kids but also for adults that anxiously wait for October 31st to live a day full of excitement but the question here is, how to look flawless in your Halloween Costume? 

This is a typical question for all of us when that special day gets closer and closer. Our first tip is: begin your costume search in advance, although improvising gives good results most of the time, it can be quite expensive and frustrating simply because you won’t execute your idea perfectly. However, today’s your lucky day, we’ll give you some tips to achieve that plan.  

Six tricks to look stunning in your Halloween Costume: 

  • Develop an idea: The best Halloween costumes come from carefully thinking of the thing you want to achieve. Most of the time it will depend on a previously agreed idea with your friends or relatives, while in other moments it will be just pure personal creativity.

    Here’s some inspiration: 
      1. Choose a trendy topic such as a tv series or a film. 
      2. Think about the costume you wanted to wear when you were a little girl or think about those childhood games and tv shows you used to enjoy. 
      3. You can choose an historic or famous character that might inspire you or you think is interesting to emulate.

  • Look stunning: A very important topic by the way. Having a beautiful body will help you to feel comfy with your costume. In order to achieve that, think about a Molding Shapewear which allows you to show your body according to your costume. We’ve got different options at Fajitex:

        1. High Compression Shapewear: If you’re looking for better results with more defined curves, High Compression Shapewear is perfect for you. Find a huge variety of colors that adapts to your needs and options such as: sleeveless, strapless, long sleeved, short-type, lace, among others as well.  

        2. Medium Compression Shapewear: In spite of being less tight, they can offer excellent results to you while feeling comfortable. They’re perfect if you want to mold your body and you are looking for subtle and natural results. You can find them in different colors and designs.

        3. Half-Leg Butt lifter: They’re perfect to show beautiful and defined glutes. They’re ideal for tight and revealing costumes

  • Give your personal touch: In order to surprise you must innovate. After having a defined idea in your head, think about giving it a twist, to obtain that, give some personal touches you might think are handy with your costume, you can maybe change some garments, add some headgear, modify the shoes or heels. The options are endless.
      1. Choose the right makeup: Actually, this is the last element we pay attention to. Makeup is actually a key element of a costume, that 's why we suggest some tests, look for inspiration for instance with tutorials from Pinterest or Youtube and choose a color palette that matches with the costume you’re planning to wear.

      2. Accessorize yourself!: Having additional complements will help you give more impact to your costume as part of the concept in your mind...Necklaces, rings, tiaras, walking sticks, it will depend what you need.

  • Assume your character: Is not only showing the perfect costume or having the curves you were looking for but also bringing it to life with cool facial expressions, movements and phrases used by the character, those little details will provide drama and credibility...You will become a headturner.
  • With these six simple tricks you will be ready to have a very positive result while trick or treating this Halloween. Find at

    everything you need to make your body go hand in hand with your plan

    October 13, 2021 — Fajitex USA.

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