Post-surgical shapewear, the essential element for your wellness.

Learn about the importance of using post-surgical shapewear during recovery from cosmetic surgery. 

Post-surgical shapewear control garments are necessary to obtain excellent results and good recovery after a cosmetic procedure or pregnancy. They are designed to meet all your needs during this post-surgical period, they adapt easily to your body and help you recover your silhouette.

What are the benefits of post-surgical shapewear?

Post-surgical shapewear is absolutely necessary after surgery because they help the tissues and skin heal properly. In addition, they offer the following benefits:

  • Improve circulation: thanks to its smart design reduces swelling, this way you will not have complications or excessive pain in your body.
  • Reduces bruising: using this type of shapewear prevents your body from retaining fluids, which reduces the appearance of bruises.
  • Stimulate healing by its uniform and constant pressure on the operated areas, which makes the muscles and skin heal more easily.
  • Comfort: the structure of the control garment reduces the pain caused by surgery, and adheres to the muscles and skin, which leads to better healing.

How long should it be worn?

The post-surgical shapewear does not have a standard time of use, it all depends on the recommendations indicated by the doctor. It takes into account the type of procedure performed, the physical build, and the recovery process involved. Usually, they are used between four and six weeks every day. This will keep the skin firm, reduce flaccidity, and correct posture.

How to choose the right post-surgical shapewear?

It is important that you choose your post-surgical shapewear well, in order to achieve excellent results. Therefore, when buying it you must take into account the type of surgery you are going to perform because this depends on the design of garments you should wear. It is of great importance that it covers the entire area that was operated on. 

Here are the most commonly used styles:


  • Full coverage bodysuit shapewear: Discover our slimming shapewear for post-surgical use designed with open bust, 3/4 sleeves, butt lift, and knee-length. Smart technology with Tactel fabrics gives you that extra softness and quick drying properties, also having perfect recovery threads to comfortable shape your silhouette. 

  • Firm compression and open bust shapewear: Slimming shapewear, made of high compression powernet with internal lining in cotton (Beige) or Tricot (Black) for more comfort, ultra-discreet seamless construction, high axillary coverage, back coverage that helps correct posture, with removable straps. 

Reduces measurements uniformly in the lower, middle, and upper abdomen. Butt lift with a natural appearance.

Uses: Ideal for bodies with a high difference between hip and waist, for post-surgical processes, daily use, shaping, abdominal control, and aesthetic or bariatric processes with rapid loss of measures.  

(For post-surgical use under medical recommendation) Postpartum shapewear. Perineal System (intimate area): Closure (zipper). Available from size XXS to 5XL.



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September 22, 2022 — Fajitex USA.

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