How to wear shapewear and look amazing?

Today we want to tell you how to use shapewear to look amazing and to wear all those outfits that we love but sometimes we are embarrassed to wear because of those annoying back rolls.

Every day we welcome many people, both women, and men, who come to our stores looking for shapewear that makes them feel good and look good, reducing their measurements and highlighting their curves.

They are all looking for the perfect ally that will help them look amazing when wearing those dream outfits. One of the first things we ask them is when do you plan to wear this shapewear.

Fajas Fajitex offers daily use shapewear, sports line, special occasion shapewear, post-surgical shapewear, postpartum, postpartum kits, and of course, shapewear for men!

Once we know when we are going to use shapewear and the use we want to give it, we will also have to decide what we want: to shape, reduce or highlight.

This will help us find a type of shapewear that will help us meet our goals. Do you want to reduce your waist? High compression shapewear with our five sculptor technology works perfectly, or maybe you prefer to lift your booty and get rid of the back rolls? High-back body shaper might work!

If, on the other hand, you're looking for a body shaper to help you recover after surgery, the high compression shapewear with seamless construction might work. If you've just had the wonderful mission of becoming a mom, I might recommend the knee-length shapewear with center hooks, as it will help with postpartum recovery, while still allowing you to breastfeed comfortably.

Men who want to try shapewear should also know what their goals are when using those garments, so they can decide which one is right for them. They should also know if they plan to use it on a daily basis or during exercise.

Remember that you must be clear about the following points when buying shapewear: what use I am going to give the garment and what are my goals? Keeping this in mind will help us choose the body shaper that best suits us and our goal, and will give an idea to the person who is advising us on which size we should wear.


How to use shapewear?

Among all types of body shapers, there are two characteristics that we must take into account to make the best choice and that will determine the use we are going to give to the garment we end up choosing. These two important features are the hooks and the zipper.

The main benefit of shapewear with hooks is the possibility of adjusting the compression to your needs and having up to three sizes in a single garment thanks to the great capacity of variations that can have a body shaper with hooks.

The advantage of this type of shapewear is that we can change the compression depending on whether we reduce measures or the activities we have. For example, we can use the middle hooks if we are using daily shapewear and we do not want so much compression, or we can use the last hooks, in case we have a special event and we want to reduce our measurements even more.

This is how you should wear shapewear with clasps:

  • You put the shapewear on your legs first, and pull it all the way up.
  • Start closing the hooks from the bottom to the top, in the row of hooks you feel most comfortable with.
  • Close until the last hook, the shapewear should be below the bust.

Zippered body shapers, on the other hand, are designed to provide adequate compression, helping you reduce measurements and control excess fat accumulated in specific areas of your body.

If you are going to wear a zippered body shaper, do the following:

  • You put the shapewear on through your legs first, and pull it all the way up.
  • Close the first hook and zipper it all the way up.
  • Close the shapewear hook by hook, zipping it up a little at a time.
  • Close to the last hook, and zipper up until the shapewear is closed below the bust.

Knowing these variations in shapewear, here’s how to use each type.

How is body slimming shapewear worn?

In the case of reducing body shapers, Fajas Fajitex has a wide variety of references, and the choice basically depends on the moment we want to wear the shapewear and what we want to highlight.

There is a great variety of shapewear, but there are two basic types of slimming body shapers: the cincher style and the vest style.  

If you are going to use a waist cincher, do the following:

  • Start by closing the first hook below the bust.
  • Place hook by hook until finished.
  • Adjust your cincher.

If you are going to wear a vest-style body shaper:

  • Position your arms first
  • Fit the vest-style body shaper. 
  • Start by closing the first hook below the bust.
  • Close hook by hook
  • Adjust and you're done!

How is postpartum shapewear worn?

This type of shapewear is ideal for when we are recovering from childbirth, as they help us to control our abdomen, define our waist, and during the recovery process by facilitating the movements and the process of adaptation of our body.

Postpartum shapewear is designed in such a way that they do not affect the ability to breastfeed, and its compression helps to reduce the swelling of the abdominal area that happens naturally after natural childbirth or cesarean section.

One of the shapewear we recommend for after childbirth is the Knee-length, High-back shapewear, or the First Time Mom Postpartum Kit in which you can get two postpartum body shapers.

Whether you are a first-time mom or a mother of several children, we can all wear shapewear that fits our bodies.

Remember that it is important to always consult your family doctor before wearing shapewear, and choose the body shaper and size that best suits your body measurements.

How is post-surgical shapewear worn?


First of all, we have a wide variety of shapewear and accessories that help us after surgery, and the shapewear you buy will depend on the type of surgery you have had and the area you need to compress for optimal recovery.

Post-surgical shapewear is very good at maintaining a concentrated pressure to flatten the treated area in the best possible way and to help you to be safe in your recovery process.

Post-surgical shapewear will help reduce swelling, fluid accumulation, discomfort, and pain and support us in the process of returning our bodies to normal shape.

The use of post-surgical shapewear after surgery depends on the type of body shaper or accessory we are going to wear.

Shapewear comes packaged in a type of bag specially designed so that we can put them in the refrigerator, this helps us in the process of deflation, and to feel relief during the first days after our operation.

How are body shapers for men worn?


In our men's line, there are 3 basic types of body shapers: The vest type body shaper, the complete men's shapewear, and the boxer type shapewear. These body shapers are placed and worn in the same way as the women's line. 


For the male vest body shaper:

  • You must place the arms first.
  • Close the hook one by one, from the bottom up.

To put on the complete male shapewear:

  • Wear this garment without underwear
  • Insert the legs first, then the arms.
  • Once in place, begin to close the zipper from the bottom: fasten, and close the zipper, and so on until it closes.

Remember that with the daily use of shapewear we can shape our body the way we want, allowing us to look amazing in any outfit you want to try!

September 08, 2022 — Fajitex USA.

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