100% Colombian girdles

Have you ever wondered where does your clothing come from? Who's responsible for every single piece of clothing you wear the way you like it? we’ve got the answer to that question and as a matter of fact, we have earned some bragging rights based on years of experience. 

Girdles in Colombia have positioned themselves not only in the country itself but worldwide, the name has made a difference among many others, especially on the American market. This name is based on its manufacture, its excellent fabrics (the fabrics in our country are so famous that we actually have events such as Colombiatex where people talk about the textile industry and the new fashion trends for the current year) and mainly being on the top because of the quality each of the pieces of clothing have.

One more benefit Colombia has achieved to be where it is in the industry is the innovation, not only of the products but the fabrics. With materials such as Powernet, Cold Cotton and even Supplex (a type of fabric that allows airing and temperature control of the skin while doing physical activity) 

Actually this name is not new, for more than a decade, colombian girdles with their outstanding fabrics and excellent quality are in fact word of mouth, being recommended by plastic surgeons when you go under the knife. 

A few years ago, girdles became a must-wear on a daily basis, a trend lead by some celebrities like The Kardashians among others, which has allowed this piece of clothing previously considered as a post-op element, to obtain more relevance everyday for both men and women. 



 Just last year (with the pandemic in full throttle) between january and october of 2020 colombian girdles were exported to more than 30 markets around the world representing earnings of 41 millions dollars (DANE Data)

Colombia is currently the top girdle exporter in Latin America and the second one worldwide (according to TradeMaps Data) and we still continue positioning ourselves to be better every single day. Because of that, we recently created our website www.fajitex.us as a way to reach our clients in North America from Colombia to your doorstep.

We have the magic of the fabrics from Medellin and the unbelievable innovation of colombian girdles where we stand out products such as our Short Push Up, one piece of clothing that will lift 100% in a natural way your buttocks, making your body look the way you wanted. This garment in specific has become in Colombia a must-have in every colombian girls’ closet. It’s time to try it on and give it a chance.

We also have different types of medium and high compression girdles perfect for your daily basis and the situation you’re facing, like tight pieces or those you want to wear to show your body.

Finally, on our website you can find different types of garments such as: swimsuits for your next summer vacations or even day by day pieces of clothing to face the Pandemic. 


It’s the time to discover what’s so special about colombian garments that make them so unique and desirable for the rest of the world, check our website and find it by yourself. 

April 17, 2021 — Fajitex USA.

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