Tips to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions Fajitex US

Tips para lograr tus metas de año nuevo

Why do you never accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions?   Thinking about the resolutions for the new year can be kind of overwhelming and even it can generate a little...
22 diciembre 2021 — Paola Maldonado
How to live the Christmas spirit? Fajitex US

¿Cómo vivir el espíritu navideño?

Traditions and celebrations on Christmas   Christmas is a very special time, maybe it is one of those celebrations that make the world come together around it and besides, it...
22 diciembre 2021 — Paola Maldonado
How to get ready for Thanksgiving? Fajitex US

¿Cómo prepararse para el Día de Acción de Gracias?

Tips to be ready for Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving is around the corner and is one of the most important moments for American families, a time of reflection and thankfulness because...
19 noviembre 2021 — Paola Maldonado
Black Friday: How to take advantage of the discounts? Fajitex US

Black Friday: ¿Cómo aprovechar los descuentos?

How to take advantage of the discounts on Black Friday? The end of 2021 is around the corner and, one way to know that is the arrival of Black Friday,...
19 noviembre 2021 — Paola Maldonado
Early detection of breast cancer, is it important? Fajitex US

Sabes por que la detección temprana del cáncer de mama, ¿es importante?

Having the perfect Halloween Costume requires just six simple tricks. Learn how to shine on this date with the helping hand of Fajitex...More info here.
13 octubre 2021 — Fajitex Admon
Six tricks to look stunning with your Halloween costume Fajitex US

Seis trucos para lucir espectacular con tu disfraz de Halloween

Tener el disfraz de Halloween perfecto requiere solo seis simples trucos. Aprende a brillar en esta fecha de la mano de Fajitex...Más información aquí.
13 octubre 2021 — Fajitex Admon
Tech-Shapewear: How do they help you to look better? Fajitex US

¿Cómo las fajas te ayudan a verte mejor?

Five reasons why Tech-Shapewear will help you look better Looking better is one of those daily activities we try to perform extra carefully. Beyond the idea of looking good to others,...
16 septiembre 2021 — Fajitex Admon
Benefits of wearing shapewear all day long and how to take care Fajitex US

Beneficios de usar fajas todo el día y cómo cuidarlas

What are the benefits of wearing a shapewear all day long? What type of care do we need to know? Wearing shapewear has extended all over the world, simply because it is...
16 septiembre 2021 — Fajitex Admon
Reduce your body measures with the thermal reducing vest Fajitex US

Reduce las medidas de tu cuerpo con el chaleco reductor térmico

Thermal Vest: How does it work and its benefits? We are constantly testing articles or products which help us in that exhausting search for molding our bodies and reducing measures....
11 agosto 2021 — Fajitex Admon
Our reasons to celebrate women’s equality Fajitex US

Nuestras razones para celebrar la igualdad de la mujer

Why commemorate Women's Equality Day and National Girlfriend Day?   Many of us have heard for years the word “equality”. Those flags that represent certain groups, communities such as black...
11 agosto 2021 — Fajitex Admon
Posture Correcting girdles for men - Why wearing them? Fajitex US

¿Por qué usar fajas correctoras de postura para hombre ?

Five reasons to wear Posture Correcting Girdles for men You probably have heard more than once about the importance of having a correct posture both on short or long term....
12 julio 2021 — Fajitex Admon
How to choose the right swimsuit for summer? Fajitex US

¿Cómo elegir el traje de baño adecuado para el verano?

How to choose the right swimsuit for summer? Summer means pool, beach, comfortable clothing and above all R and R. This time of the year is perfect to feel confident...
12 julio 2021 — Fajitex Admon