Why do we celebrate International Women’s Day?

A lot has been said of the history of the International Women’s Day and maybe it is easy to show the reasons why is that, it' s not a secret the struggle for years to reach gender equality. Women in history have had great battles to earn a spot in society and dignify the role they play in it. 


This started in a cotton factory of New York when, on march 8th 1908, 129 women died due to a fire after a strike against the long working hours and the salary inequality compared to men, from that day on, the struggle has not stopped and it’s been a historical and international job done by each woman. 


Because of this, on March 8th we celebrate the courage and determination of these women to change history. It is a day to admire how far they have gone and everything they have passed through towards equality, the possibility of having the same rights and being valued the same way men are. 


However, from that moment on, the struggle has gone a little bit further than simply saying women are less than men, but it has become the way to demonstrate they are empowered, intelligent, strong, courageous and totally capable of doing things. 


We’ve been labeled but above all, we’ve been limited, we have been limited to what society thinks we should be, to have certain ideologies, to respect and do what is politically correct. However, we are in a historical moment where women realized there are no limits, they can be whatever they want according to the way they feel, knowing that a gender doesn’t define us completely.


Despite that in many cases, a definition has been given to women. Being doesn’t have only meaning or established instructions. Today, you give the definition of woman, that’s why on the International Women’s Day we celebrate the constant struggle to dignify the role of the woman and to have the place in the world each one wants to have, not the one they want to assign. For this reason, women say: we’re unstoppable!


How to be an unstoppable woman?

  1. To realize we can be whatever we want to be.
  2. To celebrate ourselves in our struggles and defeats.
  3. To get dressed and to look the way we want but above all, the more comfortable and identified we feel beyond any trends.
  4. To wear a girdle with pride because you feel fine, it empowers you, you look strong and confident.
  5. To show the world you’re smart and you can face any type of responsibilities.
  6. Allow yourself to dream big and visualize yourself accomplishing those dreams.
  7. Not depending on anybody or anything, demonstrate that if you want it, you’re capable of everything all by yourself.
  8. The one that doesn’t break because of what the rest thinks, but she believes in herself despite what other people might think.
  9. Don’t allow society to tell you what you have to do, go with the flow building your own story.
  10. Believe what you want to believe and play the role you want to play.

Because of this, we celebrate the International Women’s Day as an opportunity to demonstrate that women can also and more importantly, continue breaking molds, stigmas and stereotypes. To sum up, being a woman doesn’t limit you, being a woman gives you different and unique features that make them strong, powerful and above all, unstoppable. 

15 marzo 2022 — Fajitex USA.

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