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It’s the beginning of a new year, and maybe some “new year, new me” resolutions or just let this 2021 surprises you. It’s been a hard 2020 and we just want to let this new year go with the flow. 


For instance last year, we learned how to take care of ourselves, what about making it happen in 2021? So here is, a way to know which type of shapewear is the perfect one for you. Not only to give you that 2021 you’ve been dreaming since 2018, but taking care of your body, the one you want to protect this 2021. 


So, let’s start with some FAQs questions you may have asked yourself while surfing our website:


  1. Why some of the girdles in Fajitex shapewear are designed in different colors? 

You can find different types of colors you can choose from for your own outfit. Here’s an explanation on how to choose the perfect one for you:

  • Beige
  • Our beige shapewear is specially designed for post-ops, so if you had a recent surgery you might want to get one of this, it will help doctors to know if there’s something wrong with your recovery process. 


  • Black
  • You can see most of our shapewear is designed in beige and black color. The black color is used for dark clothes, giving you the opportunity to combine your favorite outfits with the perfect shapewear for you. 


  • Colorful shapewear
  • You can find some of our favorite girdles in different colors different from beige or black. You can choose from a variety of colors such as: turquoise, lilac, purple, pink, coral and much more. This shapewear is designed just in middle compression and ready to be worn all day long. So, the options are endless for you to choose from and to look great with all of them. 

  • Jean shapewear 
  • We have designed the perfect shapewear exclusively for those women who love jeans, the jean texture and can’t live without them. This shapewear is designed as comfortable as any of our garments. A different type of shapewear for your daily basis.  


    Another frequently asked question we normally have is the following


    1. Can we choose a garment with buttock lifting or a more natural one?

     ¡With our shapewear you don’t need to choose or look anywhere else! Our own buttock lifting is designed with the most natural appearance. This way you can enjoy your body and work the parts of your body you want the most. 

      Finally, these are some tips you might want to read before buying your shapewear:


    1. It’s important to buy a shapewear that’s your size, a girdle you feel comfortable with wearing. If not, you may injure yourself while wearing it. 
    2. Do not wear your shapewear for more than 6 hours if it has a higher compression or 8 to 10 hours if it has a middle compression. Pressuring your body will not give you the body you are looking for. 
    3. Read very carefully our size chart, it is important for you to understand you are buying Colombian size, so get a meter and measure yourself. 


    Body measures and size chart:


    Now, stop thinking about it and give it a shot to the body you have been dreaming for a long time. 

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