Dad’s Must-Have

This month a new opportunity to surprise dad is back!! This time on Father’s Day. A moment to give him a present specially designed for him, his body and of course, to make him feel better, that’s why this month we’ll provide you with the ultimate guide for those surprise gifts your dad will appreciate.

The first thing you need to know is that even though Fajitex is mostly focused on female products, we have a wide offer of male products as well, they’re designed to show the male body. These garments are elaborated with our Powernet technology which allows us not only to work with a high compression on the man’s body but also a molding process of the tummy by reducing it, something that most of the times with all the physical activity is difficult to say goodbye.

For that, we bring today three products of our virtual store so you can surprise dad on June 20th

Posture Correcting Vest

The first product is a vest-type shapewear that goes from the shoulders all the way to the abdomen, in this way and with the high compression this product offers, not only covers the abdomen and it helps you reduce and cover the stomach but also it will help your dad to keep a correct posture.

Keeping a correct posture will help you to reduce pain in shoulders and shoulder blades as well and also, to reduce the possibilities of having a hump. This garment is so comfy you can wear it in your daily activities such as working, at the gym or wearing it under your clothes. It has hooks in the center which will allow dad to wear it easily.

Find it from size XS to double XL, in beige and black color to be easily hidden under your underwear.


Male butt-lifting boxer

If dad wants to give some attention to his legs and shape his glutes, we have a butt lifting boxer specially designed for his body. It’s fabricated in black color, has a high compression fabric with Powernet technology and an elastic waist that gives the body more adjustment as well as flat seams allowing more discretion to be worn under the clothes. Last but not least, these shorts come with a short leg butt lifting making this area more toned and 100% natural.

This garment is perfect for the everyday life, you can find it in black from sizes S to the triple XL 

Whole Shapewear

Last, our whole shapewear is the garment that will make your dad experience the whole nine yard. This piece combines the vest and the boxers with a high compression Powernet fabric from the shoulders to the legs. A chance for your dad to take care of his body the way he likes it. 

You can find it in Beige, ideal for a post-op procedure and it’s available in sizes from S to 4XL  

No matter what’s your decision to surprise dad, it’s important to find that moment where love and what’s best for him complement each other, for that, finding a brand that perfectly fits and gives the attention he deserves, like Fajitex, will always be the best option out there.

18 junio 2021 — Fajitex USA.

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