How to take advantage of the discounts on Black Friday?

The end of 2021 is around the corner and, one way to know that is the arrival of Black Friday, one day in which stores offer big discounts and people take advantage of it to do the Christmas shopping, but how did this special day begin? and, how to take advantage of it the right way. Here we’ll tell you how.

How did Black Friday begin?

To summarize this, there are several theories on how did Black Friday began. Among them, there’s one from Philly, in the sixties after Thanksgiving, small stores offered big discounts which led to packed streets and collapsing traffic. 

Years later, the name was linked to the change from red numbers to black ones of the associated establishments because of the huge discounts and generated sales. 

Today, this tradition continues and is one of the most important income generators. Not only big stores have discounts, the small ones too. At the same time, online sales have had a huge role because it helps consumers to avoid going to the store.

Because of this, at Fajitex  we want to give you some tips which will help you to take advantage on november 24th.

Tips to take advantage of Black Friday

  • Make a wish list: Plan in advance those items you want to buy in this way, you will avoid unnecessary expenses and debts. Visit the stores or websites where you know you can find the products you want in that way, you have a better idea of what to buy and take it home.

    We will have great discounts not only on Black Friday but also on the weekend. From november 25th to november 30th we are having on sale our slimming shapewear and some references of our swimsuits line.

    Besides, we will show in advance  some benefits on the Gray Days. From november 19th to november 24th you can find amazing prices in our Pull - Up shorts.

  • Compare: Now that you know exactly what you want, check the prices of the products, maybe the discount is not that big to purchase or maybe you find better prices somewhere else. Besides, you need to take into account both the quality and experience of the brands that will provide some confidence to you in order to purchase a product wisely.

  • Check your plastic: Doesn’t matter if the purchase is online or on-site, you must pay a lot of attention to your plastic or cash. Do not share your data in order to prevent serious problems. Nowadays there are many ways to steal information from the banks, therefore, it is important to know where to do our shopping.

  • Use a trustful network: For online shopping, a very important tip to take into account is to use your personal WI-FI. Do not use public WI-FI because the security level of it is not as secure as yours and therefore your data can be in jeopardy.

      • Check the security level of the websites: Something you can do is to check that the websites you surf on the internet offer a security certificate, that is easy to recognize, you can see a lock next to the website domain.

  • Do the shopping from your cell phone: Do not buy products online using computers, cell phones or tablets from other people or companies, by doing that you are not exposed to virus or malware that the equipment might have, besides, in the case of your cell phone, keep updated the operational system because that reduces cyber attacks in your phone.
  • Black Friday is the perfect date to buy everything you need for the Christmas season, start planning everything and take advantage of it. What are you waiting for to check the products we’ve got for you at Fajitex?

    19 noviembre 2021 — Fajitex USA.

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