A Stylish Freedom Collection


 A Stylish Freedom Collection

For the 5th year in a row, Fajitex comes to Curve New York, as one of the most important Colombian shapewear brands in the market. Fajitex® brings its new control swimwear product line -sophisticated, confident and with all of the trademark innovations that make our shapewear unique & special. 

Fajitex® was founded in 2007, when its owners came together with a dream to produce high quality, stylish shapewear. A project that began in a small warehouse in Medellín (Colombia), developing innovative technologies to produce fashionable shapewear for the control garments market. Using recognised and high-quality Colombian materials, they developed products that highlight the natural beauty of men and women. Fajitex’s collection comprises a wide range of versatile products that inspire confidence and enhance feminine beauty without compromising comfort. Having a wide portfolio of references for each personality and needs and availability in references from XXS to 5XL. 

20 diciembre 2019 — Fajitex USA.

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